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The SpaceVac Internal high-level cleaning system is a REVELATION in high-level cleaning

Offering up to 15m reach, the system gives operators the ability to clean quickly and efficiently from the safety of the ground floor.

Our lightweight interlocking cleaning poles, are made from a durable yet super lightweight carbon fibre material to reach the high-level and recessed areas within schools, offices, commercial properties, college buildings, retail spaces, industrial warehouses, factories, football stadiums and many more.

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Benefits of SpaceVac

Guaranteed no-spark, anti-staticsystem from the tips of the brushes along the entire SpaceVac system.

Flexible solution: Diverse range of ANTI-STATIC heads brushes and accessories.

Interlocking Heads: Offering further flexibility to create custom tools and shapes.

Clean faster than traditional methods by cleanng from the ground floor – minimise operational downtime – crucial in production environments.

Small operational footprint, requires much smaller space than cherry picker to deploy.

Safer than cleaning from height – no risk of the falls associated with cleaning from ladders or scaffolding.

Designed for total operator safety with unique safety locking mechanism to ensure no separation or slippage during operation.

Lightweight but robust cleaning poles and heads are easy to use but can withstand the toughest challenges.

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Making your environment cleaner and safer

High level cleaning

• Reduces fire hazards
• No scaffolding
• No cherry pickers
• No distruption to your Business
• No health risk
• Eliminate dust from the work environment
• Reduce fire risk from static combustion

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