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We provide cleaning services for every type of environment

Commercial Cleaning Services for every type of environment

1st Time Clean understands the importance of cleanliness within busy office environments, we work with you to fit in around your organisation’s fast paced schedules and demanding work environments.

A clean and hygienic environment promotes morale, motivation and greater levels of concentration which can lead to higher productivity. Every employer has a responsibility to adhere to Health and Safety requirements and promote duty of care for employee health and wellbeing. We want to help and support our customers through an effective service delivery which helps to achieve the standards of cleanliness that will promote a healthy environment and have a significant impact on the perception of your business, first impressions count.

We are a family run business committed to delivering a top class cleaning service. Delivering a cleaning service in any environment is physically and technically challenging with a requirement to offer high levels of flexibility in service delivery. We want to understand your operational challenges and work closely with you to enable us to meet your expectations first time.

The provision of a professional office cleaning service is a fundamental requirement in promoting a clean, safe and hygienic environment.

We provide high quality cleaning services ensuring optimum standards of cleanliness throughout the premise. We will work with you to determine a bespoke routine cleaning service in accordance with individual site specification agreed between both parties.

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We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that have minimal impact on the environment

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In todays environment impeccable hygiene control is an increasingly critical issue for all industries. Here at 1st Time Clean we offer FREE hygiene test for our customers seeking to monitor and improve cleanliness standards within their organisation. Our SystemSURE Plus ATP can be used by food and beverage processors, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants and janitorial/sanitation services or any office/business who want us to help them to eradicate germs and bacteria in the work place. The easy to use swab testing kit gives instant results allowing us to assess the cleanliness of your work surfaces and then if necessary take any corrective action to improve results.
This FREE service not only gives you peace of mind; a clean workplace leads to a more productive workforce and less staff absence due to the eradication of germs and disease.

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Our staff are our best asset and so we take their safety very seriously. As many of our staff operate after hours and in numerous cases alone we want to ensure they are working as safely as possible. All lone workers at 1st Time Clean are issued with a Skyguard lone working alarm which is GPS enabled and registered to them personally. Should they then become to victim of an attack, have an accident or a severe health problem whilst at work their sky guard machine is there to back them up. As soon as the alarm is raised the incident management centre manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year will listen to what is happening and if its safe to do so talk to our staff to advise and reassure them. If its not safe to talk they will send assistance right away and also remotely record any incident occurring for legal purposes.



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