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Get on top of your infection control today!

The electronic backpack sprayer is a revelation in infection control

Our cordless electrostatic sprayers are the new standard in infection control. Using our specialist kit and trained operatives, we are dedicated to providing a service that makes our hospitals, schools and communities safer. Proven electrostatic technology combined with patented cordless charge gives superior professional results compared with traditional spray and wipe methods.

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This system allows quick and effective sanitisation of any premises with its innovative encapsulation process. Through this process, fully charged droplets hit a surface and through electrostatics they create an even spread of chemical over and around it.

In conjunction with the backpack sprayers, we use specialist high level disinfectant that offers high levels of anti-microbial activity that has been developed for disinfection of hard or soft surfaces, equipment and air for either sanitisation or decontamination purposes. (Decontamination is where there is a need to reduce the risk of cross infection and contamination).

The solution breaks down the microbial components which are fatal for organisms that cause disease, within minutes of contact the chemical is lethal to the microbe.

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Suitable for use in all environments as the high level disinfectant is:
Non corrosive • Non toxic • Alcohol free • Fragrance free • Chlorine free

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Benefits of using 1st Time for Infection Control

Minimal disruption to your business as premises can be accessed again as little as an hour after procedure has taken place.

Touchless application reduces risk of cross contamination – AS IN MOST CASES SPRAY AND WIPE CAN MOVE BACTERIA FROM ONE SURFACE TO ANOTHER.

The technology allows a better coverage of surface areas as the particles hold their charge for 2-3 seconds allowing the solution to cover hidden areas underneath and around the area. The sprayer also has multiple nozzles to allow the chemical to be applied at different rates either as a mist or as a jet.

Eco friendly as the machine uses 65% less solution per square foot.

Fast as the solution is applied 70% faster than traditional methods.

Proven to be effective in killing bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses and fungi. Tested to EN1276, EN14476, EN1650 and EN13704.

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Get on top of your infection control today!

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